3 types of healthy fats

Fats are important for health too. There are three types of dietary fats and they are known as the saturated fat, mono-unsaturated fat and the poly-unsaturated fat.

The mono-unsaturated fat and the poly-unsaturated fat are known as the healthy fats. Most people are likely to consume different forms of saturated fats like processed meat, coconuts and even milk. A good diet that consist of abundant amount of sea food, protein and green vegetables can provide you with good amount of omega 3 fatty acids and other unprocessed fats that are good for health. There are some healthy benefits of good fats. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Fats can provide power and energy to your body.
  2. Fat is required for supporting the body metabolism, better health of the body cells and also the body tissues.
  3. It also boosts immunity and hormone production.
  4. Healthy fats also help the body in absorbing several nutrients like vitamin A and D.
  5. When you have enough healthy fat in the body, it can help you in keeping your tummy full in between the meals as the body stores energy in the form of fat.
  6. Fats can also keep you away from depression and protect your heart from cardiac diseases.
  7. Fat can help you in preserving memories.
  8. Some evidence also suggests that some forms of fats can also prevent cancers.
  9. Fat is stored in the body as energy in the cells and hence it literally becomes a part of our body and brain. It can therefore influence the brain and the body in interacting and communicating with each other.
  10. Omega 3 is a good form of fat and is found abundantly in sea food and different oily fish. You should consume more fish to increase the healthy fat content in your body.

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