20 uses for apple cider vinegar health

Apple Cider vinegar has a variety of benefits that can boost your wellbeing to new heights.  It can boost your weight loss mission and also act as a stomach soother when you are down with extreme stomach ache.

Here are some quick uses of apple cider vinegar for your health:

  1. It can be used for dressing your salad.
  2. It can be added to your breakfast smoothie for weight loss.
  3. Dilute the vinegar with water and apply on face as a toner.
  4. It is a great all-purpose home cleaner too.
  5. Make a stomach soother with the apple cider vinegar and ginger.
  6. Rub the vinegar on the cords of the house to save them from getting bitten by pets.
  7. Have a detoxifying bath with the apple cider vinegar.
  8. Stop your hiccups with a spoon of the vinegar.
  9. Get rid of any pet smell in the house by washing the laundry with the vinegar.
  10. Get rid of your stubborn bad breath by gargling with diluted vinegar.
  11. Use the vinegar to keep your throat healthy.
  12. After a heavy workout, add some vinegar to the water and have it to give your muscles a boost.
  13. Make your hair shiny and tangle free by using the vinegar as a live in conditioner.
  14. Use it to give your teeth a special sparkle.
  15. Make homemade butter milk with apple cider vinegar.
  16. It keeps your liver healthy when taken daily with water.
  17. It enhances weight loss when you have it after a workout.
  18. Add some vinegar to the rice before cooking to get fluffier end product.
  19. Use it to remove rust and any other stains from clothes by soaking it overnight.
  20. Make some delightful and delicious dishes as recipes with apple cider vinegar.

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