20 healthy dessert alternatives

Are you fond of dessert and yet refrain from having them simply because you are scared of weight gain? Here are some healthy dessert alternatives that you can try to satisfy your sweet tooth:

  1. Chocolate dipped strawberry

Dip strawberries in molten chocolates and refrigerate them until they hardened.

  1. Fat free pudding with sliced almonds

Keep your hunger away by treating yourself to a cup of fat free pudding with sliced almonds.

  1. Choconut popcorn

Pop some popcorn and add some peanut butter and cocoa powder dusting. You can also use Nutella instead of peanut butter.

  1. Sliced pear with almond butter

Snack yourself with a pear and some almond butter and curb your hunger.

  1. Frozen chocolate banana

Take a banana and slice it into two. Freeze it and roll it on molten chocolate and finally role it again on caramel or nuts. Freeze it back to set the chocolate.

  1. Dark chocolates with cheese quoting

Bring some dark chocolate bars and spread some cheese on it to snack.

  1. Whole wheat waffle with fruit jam

Get some whole wheat waffle and top it with some fruit jam for a delicious treat.

  1. Yogurt Parfait

Mix some yoghurt and fruits and enjoy a healthy fruit salad.

  1. A cup of hot chocolate

Chocolate milk is a great way to add some healthy yet sweet hint to your after dinner craving.

  1. Fruit smoothie

Get hold some bananas and add some strawberries to them and paste them in the mixer to enjoy a glass of smoothie.

  1. Café Mocha

Get a kick of caffeine for your body with a cup of café mocha.

  1. Banana ice cream

Mix up some bananas with a scoop of ice cream and enjoy a healthy treat.

  1. Shorbet

During the summer months, nothing can be better than a glass of flavored shorbet.

  1. A donut

A donut is perfect dose of chocolate and biscuit for a healthy snack.

  1. An ice cream

Although an ice cream is full of calories, sometimes it is a real treat.

  1. Baked apple

Bake an apple and stuff it with nuts and honey.

  1. Pudding

Pudding can be different flavor and the best one is chocolate.

  1. Fruit and cottage cheese

A mix of cottage cheese with some fruits is the perfect choice to satisfy the sweet tooth.

  1. Frozen grapes

Keep some grapes in the freezer for a while and enjoy a beautiful snack.

  1. Blueberry frozen yoghurt

Whip up some blueberry with yoghurt and satiate your ice cream craving.

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